New Novel Coming soon!

It’s been over a year since the last Lazarus Longman novel came out and now I’m back with a new series! Celluloid Terrors will be a series of stand-alone horror novels inspired by grindhouse and b-movies of various decades. The novels will have no relation to each other but will take their cues from the types of movies that were popular during the periods in which they are set. The first novel – Curse of the Blood Fiends – is set in the 1940s. This was when Universal Studios was having great success with their monster movies, many of them sequels to their earlier hits like Dracula (1931) Frankenstein (1931), The Mummy (1932) and The Wolfman (1941). During the war and with limited resources, they started to throw monsters together in movies like Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1943) and House of Dracula (1945). The 1940s was also the period of Film Noir; shady crime flicks that showed the seamy underbelly of the American city, filled with post-war paranoia and cynicism. This set the perfect mood for a pulpy detective story in a city overrun by creatures of the night.

Curse of the Blood Fiends is set for a late December/early January release. Take a look at the cover and blurb and watch this space!


The year is 1942 and something deadly lurks in the shadows of the City of Angels.

When private detective Rosa Bridger took the case of tracking down a drug-addled starlet for her fiancé’s movie mogul father she thought it would be a simple missing person’s case. She needs the help of her ex-fling, Steve; the only honest cop she knows. This doesn’t go over so well with her fiancé, Flynn; Hollywood’s hottest swashbuckler. And Rosa has stumbled over the trail of something much more sinister than the hoodlums and hop pushers she is used to dealing with.

A military research project in the Amazon has gone horribly wrong spawning monstrous man-made creatures who kill all in their path. One man survives and makes the long journey home to Los Angeles. Henry Gross – game warden and tough-guy for hire – has been infected with the virus that makes him kill by night. And that virus threatens to turn the entire city into immortal creatures ravenous for human blood.

An action-packed mystery-horror novel inspired by Film Noir and the monster movies of the 1940s.


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