Steampunk Wednesdays #9 – Short Fiction Roundup

Novels are fine and dandy. But the short story and novella have often been overlooked in recent years. Fortunately the ebook phenomenon has given a platform to the format and the short story is back in a big way. Sometimes they serve as an introduction to a series of novels. Sometimes they are spin-offs and sometimes they stand alone. Here are just four finds in the Steampunk genre available from Amazon and other ebook retailers. Click on them for links.

general gordonabigails-discovery-200x300murder blue



3 thoughts on “Steampunk Wednesdays #9 – Short Fiction Roundup

  1. Thanks for mentioning Mud and Brass.
    I think that electronic publishing opens up all sorts of opportunities for short stories to be shared in new ways, which is pretty exciting. For me, making Mud and Brass free in the stores where I can means that people can try my work at no cost, which is good from them and will hopefully get more readers for my other books.

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